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 Active membership for spouses of service members on Active Duty or Retired Status residing in the Fort Campbell area is $20.00.

Associate Membership for Spouses of National Guard/Reserve, International Military Personnel on active duty in the 

Fort Campbell Area, Spouses of GS civilians or DoD/DA Contractors employed at Fort Campbell, andWidows/widowers or Divorcees of military personnel who have retained their military privileges residing in the Fort Campbell area is $10.00. Membership is valid 1 Aug 2019 to 31 Jul 2020. Half-year membership is half of the regular dues and validJanuary 2020-July 2020.  With the exception that you or a dependent are applying for a scholarship, in which case, you will pay full year dues. Please make checks payable to “FCSC” (Fort Campbell Spouses’ Club).